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Solutions from experience

Through the continued investment in state-of- the-art technology and the maximisation of the knowledge, experience and expertise of the workforce, TRT has achieved world leadership in the development and application of repair solutions in Rolls-Royce engine turbine aerofoil repair.

TRT’s focus is on Rolls-Royce RB211, Trent, BR and Tay turbine component repair and repair development, supported by a lean, efficient and responsive culture.  The joint venture combines the knowledge and experience of the Original Engine Manufacturer and an independent world leader in the provision of repair solution.

TRT’s position in the marketplace is sustained through programmes of continuous improvement applied to all aspects of TRT’s operations. In this way TRT’s products and services meet or exceed the current needs and future expectations of our customers.

A worldwide reputation with international accreditation

To support its global customer base TRT is accredited internationally by the controlling bodies of the EASA, FAA and CAAC. We have also obtained the approval of Rolls-Royce, the Original Engine Manufacturer and, where necessary, regional accreditation.

TRT’s world-class reputation is recognized in all corners of the international marketplace. Since it was formed in 2000 TRT has made significant reductions in turn around time and improvements will continue as our customers drive towards shorter engine turn around times.

Customer focus

The needs of the customer are the focus of the service provided by TRT and we put considerable effort into creating and maintaining close relationships with them.  We recognise that there are demands on our customers to become more competitive in their markets.  We understand the importance of promise credibility and timely deliveries to meet build requirements and have provided our customers with secure access to our Client Login Portal to enable them to track their components through the repair process.

TRT’s programmes of continuous improvement, quality improvement initiatives and increased customer visibility at all working levels have created a truly customer-focused culture.

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