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Lean Manufacturing

TRT is striving to develop new processes and streamline current processes seeking breakthroughs which give TRT a competitive edge.

Lean Manufacturing is at the forefront of repairing components through our facility.  Changes to process areas and placement of each area (e.g. machine shop, welding, NDT) create a defined process flow which in turn reduces movement of parts and labour, giving a greater visibility and control of inventory at each operation.

The overriding objective is to achieve a step change in performance.

The performance improvement at TRT is linked to internal efficiency and a competitive advantage.  Internal efficiencies have been achieved by examining how we can run the business with fewer steps, barriers, formal PDCAcommunications and less waiting time.

Lean tools used;

  • Process Mapping
  • 5S
  • Kaizen
  • Statistical Process Control
  • SMED
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • PDCA

The tools above are just a sample used by TRT in our endeavour to be world's best.

TRT has identified a modest number of performance measures (cost, quality, service and time) which will enable the process-orientated business to be successfully managed and benchmarked now and in the future.

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